Sauce Authentic Product Beard Grooming Kit with Beard Bonnet

 Want a Healthy Beard?

Develop a good beard routine with :

Wash with Beard Shampoo & Beard Shampoo ......gently clean and soften beards  

Use beard oil and balm ..... all natural essential oils, moisturizes and conditions

beard hairs 

Use a wood comb. ...........wood comb is recommended to protect from breakage where plastic and metal can be rough on hair 

Sleep with a Beard Bonnet/Rag........... Cotton pillows soak up beard oils at night and leaves beards dry and tangled . Protect at night 

🔥Promotes Growth



🔥Rejuvenate dry and brittle beard hair,

🔥 Cure Itchy Beard,

🔥Eliminate Ingrown Hairs 

🔥 Prevents from split ends 

🔥 Style and Comb with out breaking off beard hair 

🔥 Protect from element while sleep